Sterling Property Inspections provides commercial inspection services for: manufacturing and warehouse facilities, apartment & condominium buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels/motels, churches, resort properties and office buildings.
We inspect all types of building structures including: Concrete tilt-up, brick and mortar, steel frame, wood frame, and masonry block structures.

We will visually inspect, identify and document the physical condition of the structure and its surrounding site for pre-acquisition and buyer due diligence.

Reports are professionally prepared in a thorough, logical and detailed manner in order to facilitate your needs. The completed report, with full-color photographs of the property and specific areas of concern will be delivered in a timely manner via e-mail.


pic-commercialOur inspection and documentation of the property includes the following areas:

° Plumbing: Water supply source, drain, waste and venting, fixtures, water heaters & boilers
° Heating & Air Conditioning equipment
° Electrical: Main panel, auxiliary subpanels, receptacles, switches, lighting and fixtures

° Visible, Structural components including: Foundation, ceiling & roof structure, subflooring and wall structure, where visible
° Roofing membrane, flashings, drains and drainage, skylights
° Concrete walls and floors
° Parking Lots: Including any pavement deterioration, handicapped parking,               striping and parking space count
° Restrooms: Condition and function of fixtures & plumbing system

° Interior components: Fire escapes, windows, doors, stairs, flooring, woodwork, walls — including investigation of any water staining or water intrusion
° Exterior: Walls, doors, windows, decks, grading, sidewalks and retaining walls (if immediately adjacent to the structure)

For larger and more complex properties, inspections will be performed with a team of inspectors focusing on individual systems.
We have worked in the industrial inspection environment for more than ten years and are fully qualified, trained, and insured to perform your commercial property inspection. All of our Commercial Inspections are performed to the Commercial Building Standards of Practice of the California Real Estate Inspection Association.

NOTE: Conditions in areas that are inaccessible, as well as forensic investigative work are excluded from our inspections.

Inspecting and reporting on violations of, or compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) is specifically excluded from the scope of our inspections.