Why You Will Like Our Report

magnifying-glass-homeYour Report

You will receive a fully narrative report that is tailored and specific to your property.  The report is written in plain English and clearly and logically laid out with color coded icons that identify any reportable conditions found in the home. The color coding will help you differentiate the most important conditions, from those of less importance, as well as easily recognize safety concerns.

Digital photos are utilized to both document and illustrate conditions or areas of importance.


Conditions in the home are also numbered for easy reference when compiling any request for repairs.

Our report is far more comprehensive than any simple check list of items. Many inspection reports rely on a generic database written by a third party vendor. We have expanded and extensively developed our own comment library within the HomeGauge software that is based on our knowledge and experience in the industry.

Clarity of information and any conditions found in the home is important to you so that you can move forward on your transaction armed with the knowledge that you need to make educated decisions!